Welcome to Impact Decals.

We specialise in the production of vinyl decals.

In a nutshell we use thermal resin technology to print spot colour to vinyl - and once printed, use a contour cutter to accurately cut that vinyl to the required shape - that's it - a decal is born!

Decals are literally everywhere, and although screen printing is no longer the only production method, the basic concept has remained the same - a printed message applied to self adhesive vinyl.

Our online shop showcases some of our more popular items, but is only a fraction of what we sell. We are able to produce a spectrum of decals to suit countless applications, from classic cars to aeroplanes, hazard warnings to product promotions, if you need a decal we can produce it for you.

From time to time we also have a selection of original 'New Old Stock' (NOS) decals from various vehicle manufacturers. All NOS decals are sold on a non return basis as we cannot guarantee them, and in many cases have no idea of their age. We are also interested in purchasing NOS decals, please contact us if you have multiple stock or single items (must be original - not reproduction).

Reference to any vehicle manufacturer within this site is done so simply for identification purposes, we are in no way associated, affiliated, authorised or endorsed by any manufacturer and no connection is inferred or implied. Where reference is made to an item being 'genuine or original' it means that to the very best of our knowledge, the item being advertised for sale has been manufactured and or supplied by the relevant trademark owner.