Crash Helmet Warning Decal and Blood Group Marker


Positive print decal set, fitted to Helmet or trim.

In the hopefully very unlikely event you are involved in an accident - this simple warning could prove invaluable.

In the chaos surrounding an accident - a good Samaritan may think they are helping you by attempting to remove your helmet, this reminder will hopefully prevent that from happening until a trained professional arrives.

Twin pair of decals 60mm x 20mm and also included is a separate pair of blood group decals - which you may or may not choose to fit.

This may seem a little morbid, however could also prove a valuable time saver should the unthinkable happen.

You must provide your blood group at the time of order(self test kits are readily available) or I will assume you are either A+ or O+ and supply two of each (this covers 76% of the population).

Printed on 3M Scotchcal film.

Supplied with simple fitting instructions.

If you have a specific medical condition, allergy to medication etc - let us know, we can make it for you for small extra cost.