Stone Chip Protection Textured Vinyl / Stone Guards


Stone guard vinyl, fitted to body panel.

Stone chip / door sill / bumper guard - self adhesive scratch protection vinyl. 190 or 320micron polymeric vinyl with permanent acrylic adhesive.

Supplied in a section 1220mm long x the specific width you order.

This lightly textured stone / scratch protection vinyl is an ideal way of protecting the door sill tread areas or boot / bumper areas around the tailgate of your vehicle. Can also be used around wheel arches or door pillars - effectively anywhere requiring protection from potential damage. This vinyl is original fitment on various well known automotive brands.

Perfect for new cars requiring added protection or older cars already having picked up damage, they hide and further protect the vulnerable areas from damage.
Supplied in various sizes, the material can easily be cut to any desired length or shaped to suit the area you are protecting.
Pressure activated adhesive allows for repositioning, and once pressed/smoothed into the final position, takes firm hold over the next 24 hours.

Rated for long term external automotive applications.
Can also be used to protect other painted items from chips and scuffs such as bikes, door thresholds, walkways etc.
Should the material need to be removed, simply apply gentle heat with a hairdryer or similar and slowly peel away.

Ideal for protecting areas on long term lease or PCP cars that will be scrutinised for damage at the end of the contract period. Save yourself the cost and inconvenience at a later stage.

If you require a size that isn't shown, please contact us.