Homologation Decals


Often referred to as the Safety 'E' Decals, the Homologation decals reside in different locations depending on the car in question, but typically they reside on the 'B' pillar - door slam panel, under the bonnet or boot.

As older classics are gradually being restored - these decals are often lost as there is no practical way of preserving them, many featuring tamper proof cuts, which makes salvageable removal impossible.

However due to many requests we are slowly adding these decals to our inventory.

Printed in spot colour onto silver vinyl with the tamper proof 'circle' detail also cut in, where appropriate - as per original.

A must have for the perfectionist or restorer alike.

Please contact us with your requirement, we have many sets completed and available off the shelf, however, should you require versions we don't hold, we can, with suitable reference make them at no additional extra cost.